For HIV as an entry point to better TB care

There are several benefits of promoting VCT for HIV (see Chapter 6). One potential benefit is improved access to various HIV prevention and care activities, including TB interventions. The ProTEST initiative, coordinated by WHO, is one of several operational research initiatives on integrated HIV/AIDS and TB care.This initiative aims to promote HIV voluntary testing as a key to a more coherent response to TB in settings with high HIV prevalence.The name "ProTEST" reflects the promotion of voluntary HIV testing, as an entry point for access to HIV and TB prevention and care. The initiative supports district-level experience in several field sites. These sites are combining efforts against HIV and TB to reduce the combined TB/HIV burden. Local experience will inform the development of a district-based model for the integrated delivery of health care services. Integrated delivery involves all service providers, e.g. government, NGOs, community and the private sector. The results from the field sites will inform the development of policy guidelines for scaling up the model, if shown to be effective and affordable.

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