Home and community care

Local responses involve people in their homes, neighbourhoods and community organizations. They take responsibility for addressing HIV/AIDS as a shared community concern. Community interventions to support PLWH should include supporting TB patients to complete treatment. Some PLWH regard TB as an ominous sign of AIDS.A more optimistic view of the development of TB is as an opportunity to seek help for a treatable condition.The prospect is of an increased healthy life expectancy. Targeted information, education and communication interventions can encourage the more optimistic view.

General health services staff can refer patients directly to HIV/AIDS care services. Community care means providing the patient with access to care as close to home as possible. Some HIV/AIDS care services provide home care for AIDS patients.The home care provider may be a health care worker or community volunteer. See WHO's AIDS home care handbook for more information.

Home care alone is not enough for a TB/HIV patient. TB patients need to continue to receive their anti-TB treatment, directly observed by a trained and supervised home care provider.This training and supervision requires collaboration between the HIV/AIDS home care scheme and the NTP.Also,the HIV/AIDS home care provider can recognize problems with anti-TB treatment and refer patients as necessary to the NTP.

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