IHb principles of a public health approach


WHO recommends a standardized approach to overall TB control and a standardized approach to TB treatment regimens. Similarly with HIV, WHO recommends a standardized approach to care, which includes standardized ART regimens. Standardization and simplification of ART regimens facilitate the effective implementation of HIV treatment programmes. Effective implementation means maximized benefit for individual patients with minimised risk of drug resistance. Although experience with ART in resource-limited district settings is limited, countries are now scaling up ART. Further experience gained in providing standardized first- and second-line regimens will inform future WHO guidelines.


For effective and safe prescribing, consult guidelines for information on regimens, doses, side-effects and drug interactions. See "Scaling up antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings", Geneva,WHO, Revision 2003.

The same public health principles underpin the approaches to TB treatment and to ART. In both cases, success requires the following: political commitment; diagnosis and registration of patients; standardized drug treatment regimens under proper case management conditions; secure drug supply; programme monitoring and evaluation through recording and reporting of patients registered and their outcomes.

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