Monitoring Of Tb Patients During Treatment

It is important to monitor all TB patients, adults and children, during treatment. This is in order to assess the progress of individual TB patients and to evaluate NTP performance.

Bacteriological monitoring is readily available only for patients with sputum smear-positive PTB. These are usually adults and sometimes older children. Routine monitoring of treatment response by CXR is unnecessary and wasteful of resources.

Clinical monitoring is the usual guide to treatment response for other TB patients. These include adults with sputum smear-negative PTB and extrapulmonary TB and most children.

9.7.1 Monitoring of patients with sputum smear-positive PTB

When to monitor

8-month treatment regimen

6-month treatment regimen

At time of diagnosis

sputum smear

sputum smear

At end of initial phase

sputum smear

sputum smear

In continuation phase

sputum smear (month 5)

sputum smear (month 5)

During last month of treatment

sputum smear (month 8)

sputum smear (month 6)

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