Sputum smearpositive PTB patients

At the end of the treatment course in each individual patient, the district TB officer (DTO) should record the treatment outcome as follows:

Cure patient who is sputum smear-negative in the last month of treatment and on at least one previous occasion

Treatment completed patient who has completed treatment but does not meet the criteria to be classified as a cure or a failure Treatment failure patient who is sputum smear-positive at 5

months or later during treatment Died patient who dies for any reason during the course of treatment Defaulted (treatment patient whose treatment was interrupted for interrupted) 2 consecutive months or more

Transferred out patient who has been transferred to another recording and reporting unit and for whom the treatment outcome is not known

1. Treatment success is the sum of patients cured and those who have completed treatment.

2. In countries where culture is the current practice, patients can be classified as cure or failure on the basis of culture results.

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