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Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn is a directive program meant to enlighten you very specific Yoga poses which can upsurge cell metabolism to oxidize fat and tone your body. It is a product of Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified and reputable instructor. You will learn how to effectively burn fat and increase metabolism to help adjust your body to change in whichever way that you want. It offers a 3-dimensional workout series which are all designed to make your body to adjust and adapt by consistently boosting the challenge of all the movements you will learn in the course of the program. Realistically, Yoga can perfectly work for everyone. It has a lot of positive reviews from users in different parts of the world. Even if you are busy, you can still benefit from the program since it only requires a few minutes daily. The instructions are simple and can be understood by everyone. Try it out and be sure to benefit significantly. Continue reading...

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Contents: Video Course
Creator: Zoe Bray-Cotton
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Price: $29.95

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Highly Recommended

Maintaining your trust is number one. Therefore I try to provide as much reliable information as possible.

I personally recommend to buy this product. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Yoga Booty Challenge

Yoga Booty Challenge is a downloadable online product authored by Zoe-Bray-Cotton. It includes many steps of workouts that are destined to awake, strengthen and at the same time help you regain the right booty shape. I believe that this product is worth a try and hence you should try it no matter your occupation. It is readily available after purchase and the Instructor will always be active to guide and offer counselling. The program was created specifically for women who should like to work their booty muscles and shape their 'behind''. It is for all women regardless of the age, race, religion or size. It was as well created by Zoe to be suitable for women of all fitness levels. It can fit the beginners, intermediate and experts. The key factor here is to go at your own pace and the results will be appealing. It includes three phases, the prime phase, the active phase and the pump phase. The first phase is to awake and activate the glut muscles, the second one for creating a routine that will specifically work all the three glut muscles. The fourth phase is for tightening the butt muscles. The effects from the three phases can last up to 48 hours. It works on the bases of 'afterburner effect''. This final phase consists of precise movements which helps the body to burn fat quickly after you are done with the drill. Continue reading...

Yoga Booty Challenge Summary

Contents: Video Course
Author: Zoe Bray-Cotton
Official Website:
Price: $29.00

Shapeshifter Yoga

The yoga fitness flow program shows you how you can burn HUGE amounts of fat right off your body in less than one hour per WEEK! This program is designed for people who have tried every dieting program, every exercise video and personal trainers of every type, yet still can't shed the weight that they want to. Why would you worry about that when you could learn how to shed the pounds like no one's business? This program from Yoga Fitness Flow shows you how to shed the pounds by doing yoga; this program makes yoga and losing weight into an easy program and something that is FUN to do! Losing weight does not have to be a dry and boring process Yoga Fitness Flow teaches you how to lose weight and actually FEEL the change in your body! Why go with a lesser program when you have everything that you need here? Continue reading...

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Contents: Online Program
Creator: Kris Fondran
Official Website:
Price: $9.00

Yoga Masterclass Series

Ancient School of Yoga, is an Online workshop where the instructor Bira, brought together seventeen years of his personal practice and spent two years perfecting and teaching in more than ten countries. The course is designed to bring complex philosophical concepts to a very personal level, in a way that is easy to understand, and you will never forget. What you are going to learn, will make you finish your practice feeling young, connected, confident, strong, positive, and ready for more. The course is delivered in four video-classes of three sessions each, plus the eBooks and Audiobooks for each session. By the time the workshop is finished, you will have a much deeper understanding of the Science of Yoga, which goes way beyond the physical postures. You will understand the entire field of work of your practice, which involves all areas of your life, and everything you do with awareness. Continue reading...

Yoga Masterclass Series Summary

Contents: Online Course
Author: Bira
Official Website:
Price: $79.00

Asian Disciplines and Therapies

The applied side of Asian psychologies focuses on disciplines and therapies designed to foster psychological and spiritual development and well-being. The best-known disciplines are meditation and yoga. Meditation refers to a family of techniques that train awareness and attention in order to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control. This control is used to reduce destructive mental qualities to cultivate beneficial qualities such as concentration, compassion, and insight and to enhance psychological and spiritual growth and well-being. Yogas are more inclusive disciplines that encompass meditation, ethics, lifestyle modification, body postures, breath control, and intellectual study. To give just two examples of Asian techniques and resultant skills which until recently Western psychologists considered impossible consider the cultivation of love and lucid dreaming. Several meditations are specifically designed to cultivate the encompassing, unconditional love known as...

Neuroimaging of States of Consciousness

The first study, with positron emission tomography (PET), of eight members of a yoga meditation group (Herzog et al., 1990-91) compared the regional cerebral In studies with 15O-H2O PET (Lou et al., 1999), nine practitioners of Yoga Nidra meditation (during which meditator becomes a neutral observer, the mind withdraws from wishing to act, it is not associated with emotions, nor the power of will) were observed. Tape- recorded instructions were similar to autogenic training (describing the weight of parts of body) and guided imagery (to experience joy and happiness in one part, imagine a nice landscape, perceive oneself abstractly as a golden egg). The different patterns of the brain activity, dependent on the content of instruction, were found, but the most commonly stimulated area during meditation was the hippocampus. The analysis of data revealed a bilateral group of regions with, sustained, 'tonic' activity orbital and dorsolateral prefrontal, anterior cingulated, temporal,...

Transcendental Meditation

Meditation as an important part of their religious and spiritual enrichment (e.g., Zen, yoga). More recently, the West has taken an interest in the practice of transcendental meditation (TM) as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is promoted as a means to help increase energy, reduce stress, and have a positive effect on mental and physical health. The actual practice of TM involves sitting upright, with the eyes closed, and silently repeating a mantra whenever thoughts occur. The meditation is said to be effortless, enjoyable, and relaxing. The individual is instructed to meditate for 20 minutes in the morning before breakfast and 20 minutes in the evening.

Psychological Approaches to Blood Pressure Reduction

Given that no single psychological intervention has received uniform empirical support for its use in treating essential hypertension, several investigators have attempted to assemble interventions that consist of multiple stress management components (for example, meditation with biofeedback or relaxation-assisted biofeedback). Foremost among these efforts is the non-pharmacologic treatment program built upon the central features of yoga by Patel (1973 1975), which includes training in relaxation, meditation, and biofeedback of skin conductance. In these studies, substantial reductions in both SBP (greater than 20 mm Hg) and DBP (14 mm Hg) were observed among hypertensive patients. Similarly, Johnston et al.'s (1993) intervention included various forms of relaxation and meditation in contrast to Patel's work, however, Johnston et al. reported no significant reduction in blood pressure among hypertensives in their treatment condition. Consistent with the findings from Patel's...

Hypothesis of Mindfulness Hypofrontaliiy as the Means for the Achievement of the Higher States of Consciousness

The recent data on ASC supporting the hypofrontality hypothesis (Dietrich, 2002) may be incorporated into the presented model as the mean that facilitates the achievement of higher states of consciousness. I have to stress that I formulated this hypothesis on the basis of my personal experience with meditation, yoga breathing and long-distance running. My subjective experiences in those conditions are very similar. I appreciate them very much. It was very difficult for me to accept the hypofrontality hypothesis of ASC originally, mainly due to many ideas and solutions of problems I involuntarily discovered , especially during longdistance running. Those solutions of the problems I was consciously working in vain when writing, came to my mind spontaneously during the ASC. Therefore, hypothesis of hypofrontality in these conditions was apparently contradictory with my experience of creative ideas during those states. The solution of this problem is the hyperfrontality hypothesis the...

Violence Prevention

The use of meditation as a behavior technique. Behavior Therapy, 4, 743-745. Boudreau, L. (1972). TM and yoga as reciprocal inhibitors. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 3, 97-98. Carrington, P. (1977). Freedom in meditation. New York Anchor Doubleday. Dhanaraj, V., & Singh, M. (1976). Effect of yoga relaxation and transcendental meditation on metabolic rate. In D. Orme-Johnson, L. Donash, & J. Farrow (Eds.), Specific research on the transcendental meditation program, collected papers. Livingston Manor, NY MIU Press. Hagelin, J. S., Rainforth, M. V., Orme-Johnson, D. W., Cavanaugh, K. L., Alexander, C. N., Shatkin, S. F., Davies, J. L., Hughes, A. O., & Ross, E. (1999). Effects of group practice of the transcendental meditation program on preventing violent crime in Washington, DC Results of the national demonstration project, June-July 1993. Social Indicators Research, 47(2), 153-201. Hjelle, L. (1974). Transcendental...


It lasts 8-10 weeks and consists of weekly 2.5-hour sessions, 45 minutes of homework daily, and one all-day session on a weekend. It covers a variety of topics related to mindfulness, including different forms of meditation, yoga positions, and practicing mindfulness in stressful situations and social interactions.


West (1979) noted that studies have shown TM practitioners to stop or to decrease dramatically the usage of non-prescribed drugs (e.g., Shafi, Lavely, & Jaffe, 1975). Transcendental meditation has also been used as an adjunct to psychotherapy. For example, Vahia, Doongaji, Kapoor, Ard-hapurkar, and Ravindra (1973) found that yoga and meditation significantly reduced the anxiety of psychoneurotics. Meditation procedures similar to TM have also been used in the treatment of obesity (Berwick & Oziel, 1973) and claustrophobia (Boudreau, 1972).


Within this context, much research has been directed toward establishing effective behavioral treatments that may be employed alone or in conjunction with a variety of pharmacological regimens. These behavioral treatments include progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga exercises, autogenic training, biofeedback-assisted relaxation, blood pressure biofeedback, contingency managed aerobics and diet, as well as strategies combining two or more of these programs. In addition, when pharmacological intervention is necessary, a variety of classes of antihypertensions are available. These include B-adrenergic receptor antagonists, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, and others. Treatment may involve one agent or a combination of these antihypertensive agents to attain normal blood pressure, or, at least, lower blood pressure to a more acceptable level.

Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

Implementing Yoga For Body And Business

The Growing Interest In Yoga To Unlock The Inner You Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Business! In this book, you will learn all about the secrets behind what Yoga really is and what yoga can do for you and your life. How yoga can help unlock the inner you.

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